Brooklyn Botanic Garden Mild Winter Day

Sunday Trees – 278


Today I went to see the Georgia O’Keefe special exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum then I went next door to another one of my favorite Happy Places the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It is one of those rare mild winter days as we edge towards spring and along with some other hardy Brooklynites I took in the bare stark beauty of this beautiful day.  I will talk about the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit in a future post.

Here are some Trail Talks narrated by yours truly The Roaming Urban Gypsy.  Enjoy. Please excuse my voice and quality of the videos I’m still Learning.  My pronunciation of the Latin names for these plants is awful and once I began editing the videos I realized that I kept using the word Botanical as opposed to Botanic. Actually the Queens gardens is name the Queens Botanical Gardens. Eventually perhaps in the Merry Merry Month of May which is my next vacation time.

Thank you!!


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Part 1 One


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Part 2


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Part 3


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Part 4



12 thoughts on “Brooklyn Botanic Garden Mild Winter Day

    1. Thank you! I think now I’ve got Trail Talks for almost every season. Spring is on the way along with my Merry Month of May vacation plus I have a week off in August. Hopefully if it is not 100% I will give a Summer Trail Talk.

    1. Thanks! Eventually I will need a kind considerate young woman like you to help me up and down stairs! Arthritis is a mean foe and I battle with my sore stiff joints. However yesterday was not too bad since the temps were in the 60s. Also I don’t see as well as I used to and I must watch where I’m going otherwise you will have a ground level view of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden!! LOL!! ❤ 🙂 😀

  1. This is beautiful. Each season has it’s own beauty. I can virtually imagine how lovely this garden will become in months to come and I love the background sounds of wind, childrens chatter and vehicles.

  2. What a wonderful idea — thank you for leaving breadcrumbs with Sunday Trees!
    I hope you are nice and toasty now that the temperatures are much cooler than this glorious day you shared!

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