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It is very Unlikely that anyone living now will be alive to see this Time Capsule opened January 1st 3000.





Time Capsule

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 16, 2018 & WPC: I’d Rather Be – Cee’s Photography




Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 16, 2018 & WPC: I’d Rather Be






I’d rather be taking photos and visiting historical sites in a warmer climate like Hawaii, Florida, Georgia or California ala the old TV program, On The Road with Charles Kuralt. This was one of my favorite T.V. shows when I was a child.  Since I no longer drive I’d need a loyal faithful driver and a Winnebago.  Along with the driver of course my Awesome Autism brother Stephen would be with me.  We would chronicle America and our AweSome AweTism Adventures!










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This week, show us the effect of time and the elements.


This Hoopty/Hooptie is definitely Weathered!






Aging with Grace 





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The Aging process is not for sissies. Everyone ages at a different rate. I never smoked and am only a social drinker. As many of you know I was in the U.S. Army for four years from November 1977 to November 1981. Then I was at my Peak Performance. I was in excellent physical condition. Actually from birth to age 48 my health was outstanding. I had amazing energy, could exercise without any problems, and received great doctor reports. The worst problems I had were some acne and menstrual cramps.

Then when I was 49 I had a mild stroke. Much of the vision in my left eye is gone. Pain is my constant companion. My digestive system has not worked properly in a long time. No more running up and down steps. The latest health challenges is I reach for things with my right hand and my entire right arm ignores me as well as now I have headaches almost every day.  Food allergies. 

Once I hit 50 Mr. Arthur Itis aka arthritis has been a faithful boyfriend. More any real life guys. Of course dating hits the skids after 50. Romance is only a distant dream kinda like being healthy.  However at my age a bed equals sleep. I’m tired 24/7/365. Mostly I blame menopause and genetics for my health issues. 

People tell me I look good for my age or they look at me in disbelief when I tell them I will be 59 Feb. 2018.  So even though my insides are falling apart my outside looks great!

Check out these photos from my younger and better days! Proud to be a Baby Boomer! 



Now here is what I currently look like. Feel like crap but still looking good. Oh yeah some light makeup helps.