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Saturday Morning Before the Show:





Saturday Night at the Brooklyn Art Show at the Daily Press Coffee Shop!






Bopping and Bouncing Along in Bushwick Brooklyn




Bopping and Bouncing Along in

Bushwick Brooklyn


Today Spring finally made an appearance in New York City.  The Temps went up to a balmy 74 Degrees Fahrenheit!  Great day for a stroll along Broadway in Brooklyn with a snack stop at Little Skips East Coffee Shop for a snack.  I plan to bring some of my artwork to Little Skips East who may feature my collages within the Coffee Shop!  Hooray!

One of the best things that I Love about living in Brooklyn are all the street murals.  Amazing artwork to be seen and enjoyed adorning walls and sides of buildings!  Incredible!

Here are some photos that I took to Celebrate this warm lovely Spring day!







Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 13, 2018



Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 13, 2018


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 13, 2018




Finally, The temps in New York City made it to 74 degrees today!!  Hooray!  Spring has won out over winter!  Today was and is a wonderful day for walking so I went to Broadway,  the Broadway in Brooklyn, not Manhattan and enjoyed my afternoon stroll.  I stopped for a snack at Little Skips East Coffee Shop one of my Happy Places.  The Elevated train station you see is the J train which goes from Queens, through Brooklyn (where I live) and into Manhattan.


Bouncing along in Bushwick, Brooklyn!

74 Degrees and Sunny!




Around the Town in Brooklyn


Around the Town in Brooklyn


Restoration Plaza


On this cold March Winter day I had to go to the Bank so I decided to decided to take some photos of Restoration Plaza near where the TD Bank is located.  I have been to some comedy shows and plays at the Billie Holiday Theater.  This is the Business district where various banks, businesses, clothing stores, grocery stores, Schools, and restaurants are located.  Subways and Buses are within walking distance.

















Neighbors | The Daily Post



Who’s my neighbor? Who’s my Neighborhood?

Answer: All of New York city!