Our Day at the Jamaica Multiplex 

Today Stephen and I went to see the movie Thor Ragnarok at The Jamaica Multiplex located in Downtown Jamaica, Queens. 

Part of the Magic Johnson Theaters 


Neighbors | The Daily Post



Who’s my neighbor? Who’s my Neighborhood?

Answer: All of New York city!


It’s Not This Time of Year Without…Holiday Decorations




It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

Holiday Decorations and Parties

Show us the one thing without which your holiday season could never be complete.

Christmas Holiday Window Decorations

I’ve yet to get to Macy’s or Lord & Taylor this year but as soon as I do I will post their current Holiday Windows. Also located next to the New York Public Library 42nd Street is the Christmas Village Market where you can buy gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.
Here is a link to our Christmas Village Holiday Market Adventures of last year. Poor Stephen!  He’s always stuck posing for my crazy photos! Such an Awesome and Incredible Autism Guy!    https://goo.gl/photos/T6CqzTtvminKgaBq6
Here are some Christmas Holiday Decorations from stores along Madison Avenue.



Here are some photos from the December 2015 Holiday Season.

Then of course there are the Holiday Parties and other types of Holiday Decorations to be found around New York City.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~~ Nature

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~~ Nature



All these photos were taken in my former home Rochdale Village, Jamaica, Queens, New York approximately 5 or 6 years ago. I used my Samsung cell phone not the one I have now but whatever Samsung mobile I had at that time. I’m an Android Woman.  I now live in Brooklyn, NY.