Scheduled Blog Posts

The blog posts that I previously scheduled before my WordPress account went belly up will continue to appear. Those posts were already in the pipeline. However I will not be able to share any of my new photos or artwork as my WordPress site stopped accepting more images, photos or pictures.

So much for modern technology or at least WordPress.

I will continue to post my work on Instagram and Twitter also Google.

WordPress has kicked me to the curb.

WordPress Woes

My WordPress account has been malfunctioning to the point that I can no longer upload images and half the time I can’t even access my account.

Why? I don’t know nor do I have the time, money or energy to figure it out.

Over the last few months WordPress has unsubscribed me from blogs and websites plus just cut me off from being able to Reblog my own posts.

The only way that I can read fellow bloggers posts is via the WordPress Reader.

Last month June my laptop notebook broke. With no money to replace it I will be moving onto friendlier platforms such as Google, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Being that I will retire in August and must live on a Fixed income buying another laptop is financially out of reach unless I have some type of money miracles.

Given that WordPress is filled with bugs and gremlins which I can’t fix it will be months if ever before I am able to return to blogging.

WordPress has effectively clipped my wings.