Countdown to My 60th Birthday

Countdown to My 60th Birthday

On February 27th next month I will be 60 years old. God Willing. No I don’t have a Birthday Bash planned. Not in the budget. All my immediate family members have gone onto Glory so no one to invite.

Nor do I expect to be wined and dined by a handsome man. That ship sailed long ago.

However I will instead raise money for my low key Celebration via selling my artwork. My Dream is to be pampered at a Health Spa. I’d like to experience the Buzz Words, Self Care. It’s extremely rare for me to do anything for myself. However I will make an exception because how many times does one turn 60?

Here are the Links to where my Artwork can be found. Yes I am offering a discount.

I accept payment via PayPal.

2018 Collages and Paintings

2019 Collages and Paintings

Etsy’s Shop– Surreal Deal Artworks

A Creator’s Collection

I’m working on getting My Ebay Shop set up.

RDP Saturday: RIVER

Ragtag Daily Post | River

During My Earthly Sojourn I have cried Tears into Tributaries Rivers feeding into Oceans. For How Shall I Rejoice for to Sing The Lord’s Song in a Babylon Land of Shame and Sorrow. Rivers upon Rivers washing over me. Oh Baptize My Soul as I reach across Rivers Gathering My Ancestors unto my Soul.

Oshun take My Mind away from poisonous ground and Let Me Return Home again!