Perceptions of Atmospheric Darkness ~~ Brooklyn Courtesy of the Midnight Marauder

Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Endless Possibilities!

Perceptions of Atmospheric Darkness ~~ Brooklyn Courtesy of the Midnight Marauder

Featuring Starry Night Constellations

Give Me The Night ~~ Brooklyn from the Midnight Marauder

Starry Night Constellations

Journey of an Artwork

Night Moves

Nocturnal Dreams and Visions

Preliminaries and Preparations

These are the artworks I began on my Birthday February 27th and will continue throughout the month of March

Follow the Evolution and Transition

One of the three paintings probably one of the smaller canvases will become my interpretation of the classic Starry Night.

Pisces Rule & Reign

Starry Night Constellations ~~ Glitter in the Dark

Don McLean – Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics

Women Veterans Healing Through Art

Most of you already know this but I too am a U.S. Army Veteran having served from November 1977 to November 1981.

Well folks I finished three canvasses of Mixed Media Photo Collages and have begun a third.

The Constellations in my Artistic Universe are Orbiting quite well.