Fenty Red Lip Stunna 


Well Ladies, Here’s my debut of the Fenty Red Lip Stunna!  Red Fenty Lips!

As most of you already know this is part of Fenty Beauty by popular singer Rihanna. 

It is liquid. Super Liquidity so I had to use the applicator sparingly.

To quote an old time commercial, “A little dab will do ya.”  Otherwise your teeth will be red also. Not a good look unless you are a Vampire!  LOL!!

I think that looks good on me. Overall I look pretty good for a woman about to turn 59 next month February!

I will definitely purchase more Fenty Beauty products. Mostly lipsticks, mascara and perhaps eye shadow.  I don’t really wear face makeup as I have good skin and sometimes my skin reacts to face makeups.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line is Expensive. But I’m worth it.  This is part of my Increase in pampering and Self care for 2018.  Anyway with as much overtime as I work I deserve to invest some of it back into myself.

Ladies Sound Off!  Give me your Opinions!  What do you think?


Please pardon the winter rash.  Sadly every winter my skin gets really dry and peels off. Very unsightly.  Trust me that I do slather myself with all types of oils, creams and lotions but the rash returns like clockwork once the temps drop below 30 degrees.  Will be glad when springtime returns because then the rash will go away.