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Central Park




2013 Shinnyo-en Lantern Floating for Peace


This Week’s Challenges: Weekly Weather: Autumn/Fall 


Central Park Fall Foliage 

I included some Pumpkin pictures from October 2016. The pumpkin pictures were taken in Manhattan near 34th street Penn station. 

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Rambling in Central Park
Rambling in Central Park






Showing my age with this one. Our parents did not get us this one. We did have Play-Doh which I tried to eat. Tasted nasty. Also Silly Putty. Not sure that I tried eating that one. I liked Silly Putty because I could press it down on the Sunday Comics and it would copy the image.








Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday







Dutch goes the Photo!


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Street

Dutch goes the Photo!

Focus Hocus Pocus


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Street

Taking it to the streets

Various New York Streets including my home borough of Brooklyn, Central Park, the Flat Iron Building and Manhattan streets.

Sunday Trees – 291

Nature Matters to me and I Love Trees. Every chance I get I go to where trees are whether it be my backyard, parks or Botanic Gardens.   Surrounding myself with Trees brings me Happiness and Joy so I combine Two prompts into One post.


Nurt Thurs – Surround Yourself



Sunday Trees – 291


Many Trees Grow in Brooklyn


Central Park