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What’s a Soulful Strut you ask? Well in addition to being a song by the late Great Grover Washington Jr. It’s also my theme song for my Photography walks around Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. 

Many years ago I had the pleasure of not only seeing Grover Washington Jr in concert but meeting him after the show.

New York city has Flavor!

My Ancestors ~~ My Heritage


Today’s Forgiving Fridays – Gratitude, a Whole New Take on Forgiveness!


Our Shared DNA is the Genetics Trademark that we all share into Eternity.  DNA is that Identifying Trademark passed from one generation to the next.



My Ancestors ~~ My Heritage

I find my Identity in Them



These are Ancestor Heritage photos were mostly taken during the 19th Century not too long after Civil War.  Mostly from my Dad’s side mainly Dad’s Mom, My Grandmother Eva Gordon Palmer.  Others were taken during the 1940s and 1950s.

The more recent ones especially those with my parents, Stephen and me were taken during between 1959 when I was born up to and including the early 1990s.








Here is a Family Collage I made back in 2012.


Family Photo Collage



Halloween Challenge 2017: Party



This Week’s Challenges: October 8 – 14 (OWPC, WW, JHC)

This Week’s Challenges: October 8 – 14 (OWPC, WW, JHC)



Halloween Parties over the Years at my brother Stephen’s AABR Day Program.




More AABR Halloween Party photos.

The Ladies portraying Three Blind Mice and a Zombie were on their way to a Halloween party back in 2013.  I saw them at the subway station, asked if I could take their photo and they very gladly posed for my camera. Lovely Ladies!





Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge


This week is Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy.


Stephen Posing with Bumblebee in front of Ripley's Believe it or Not


I have heard and read that no one can make you happy but I disagree. Being with my brother Stephen makes me happy. I can be myself and together we can be silly, happy & joyful. Sometimes when we hear some great music whether outside or inside the house we will break into a Happy Dance. Therefore my Happiness is my Awesome AweTism Guy (Drum-roll Please) Stephen Vincent Palmer!!  Stephen Palmer is the most Amazing Autism Guy on the Planet!!




My cat Sylvester also brings me Happiness.