Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday


Past Birthdays!  Our Great Aunt born in 1916 is still alive. Over 100 years old!  Stephen and I are now approaching our 60s!  My how time flies!





Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday










Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday


Dinosaur Day with Stephen


Dinosaur Day with Stephen

During Stephen’s 57th Birthday Celebration we went to see the movie Marvel Avengers Infinity wars on May 3rd and on May 4th we visited the American Museum of Natural History and spent time with our Dinosaur buddies.

Many of you who have been following me on this blog Roaming Urban Gypsy or my writing blog know that my brother Stephen has Autism. Often many assumptions are made regarding people with Autism concerning levels of intelligence. While we were viewing the prehistoric mammals Stephen was able to correctly name all the modern day counterparts of these ancient beasts. He only got one wrong. It was a bear but Stephen thought is was a horse. Because it was in a rearing up position much like horses do.

Therefore Stephen is a Genius!!

Miraculous Throwback Thursday| The Daily Post



Throwback Thursday

Stephen and I are miracles for and from our parents Edward and Mable Palmer!!


1959 and 1961 were both miraculous years for our Mom and Dad as they produced me and my brother Stephen respectively.  I know that they are both smiling down upon us from Heaven still Thanking God for the Blessings we were and currently still are.

The below photos was taken Christmas 1961 when we lived in the Bronx. The professional photographer came to our house. I was two and Stephen was 6 months old.  Even though I was only two I still remember the photographer giving me instructions on how I should pose and to prop Stephen up because he was a roly poly baby with a bit of a challenge remaining upright! Check out the corny matching outfits! LOL!


DeBorah & Stephen 1961
Me and Baby Brother December 1961






Travel theme: Love | Where’s my backpack?



I Love My brother Stephen Palmer!!  Stephen is the Most Amazing Awesome Autism Guy in the World.

We are more than siblings. We are Soul Mates and Life Partners. Love binds us with a bond that can never be broken.  Stephen is My Life and Reason for being. He is my Hero. My purpose for being on this earth.

Family is Everything!





Ascend | The Daily Post





My brother Stephen is Always Ascending.  Stephen’s Autism gives him power to Ascend in ways that I will never reach. Stephen is Amazing.  Stephen gives my life meaning and purpose. He is the only good part of a my difficult painful existence.




DeBorah & Stephen Holiday Soulful Strut

Today Stephen and I took advantage of the 50 degree temps and mild weather to take in the Holiday Sights/Sites and Sounds of Manhattan.  I featured some photos in my previous post but here are some quirky and fun things we spotted while walking from 42nd Street Grand Central Terminal as we made our way towards 34th Street Penn Station.  From East to West and All the Best!

Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas!  Joyful Kwanzaa & Happy New Year!

Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Freedom and Forgiveness! 🙂





Soulful Strut | The Daily Post


What’s a Soulful Strut you ask? Well in addition to being a song by the late Great Grover Washington Jr. It’s also my theme song for my Photography walks around Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. 

Many years ago I had the pleasure of not only seeing Grover Washington Jr in concert but meeting him after the show. 


New York city has Flavor!