Bridge | The Daily Post

Bridge | The Daily Post


Think about the things, places, or people that connect us. What’s your take?




The J Subway Train travels across the Williamsburg Bridge. This is a video I made one early Sunday Morning April 2016.

Here is more information and history of the Williamsburg Bridge.



Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water

South Street Seaport and Lady Bagpiper

My brother Stephen and I spent the day at South Street Seaport after walking from 42nd Street Port Authority over to 42nd Street Grand Central Terminal. Outside of Grand Central we saw this Lovely Lady Bagpiper. First time I’ve ever seen a woman Bagpiper so after donating a dollar to her cause she obliged me with a curtsy and two photos. Beautiful and talented young lady.  In some of the photos you can see the Brooklyn Bridge. Stephen and I were able to take a tour of the Peking which is a ship built in Germany in 1911.