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Who’s my neighbor? Who’s my Neighborhood?

Answer: All of New York city!


Holla for a Dollar



Why Spend a Fortune when there is No Need?!


Holla for a Dollar. You got 99 problems? Well here are 99 cents stores that might help you solve your issues. If you’re old enough you will remember those back in the day stores Woolworth’s and Lamstons both of which went out of business and  are long gone but they have been replaced by many discount stores located mainly  in working class low income neighborhoods.


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Pitkin Promenade

#Brooklyn   #Brownsville   Today’s Soulful Strut took me from Rockaway Avenue over to Pitkin Avenue and completing my promenade at Pennsylvania Avenue.  I Love Architecture.  I always wonder what old buildings once housed before new stores or people took them over. Buildings have a history and are always speaking to us if we only listen.  Brownsville ~~ My Village |   Pitkin Promenade.

Pitkin Avenue Mural Dreams

Greetings My Photography Fans. Yesterday some of you were unable to view the pictures I posted of my walk along Pitkin and Ralph Avenues in Brooklyn, New York. Today I am trying a different way to download and incorporate the snapshots into this post which I truly hope will be more successful and everyone will be able to enjoy my pictures. I also threw in some weird bird sculpture photos I took in Manhattan near 34th Street last March.  Here goes!!

Soulful Strut ~~ Pitkin Avenue

A Visit To The Dunes….Echoes Of My Neighbourhood #8


#Brooklyn   Brooklyn, New York ~~ Today’s Soulful Strut took me from Rockaway Avenue where I made a right turn onto Pitkin Avenue. I walked along Pitkin Avenue all the way to Howard Avenue.  The photos of the little guy in the flower pot and the cookie message were taken 11/28/2015 along Ralph Avenue.