Tanya from Montreal – Artist Extraordinaire 

Tanya from Montreal 

My Artist buddy who displays her artwork at 14th street Union Square Subway station 

Tanya is seeking to rent a room in an area safe for young Ladies. If you have a reasonable price room close to Manhattan please email me at deborah.palmer280@gmail.com and I will contact Tanya. Thanks. 

Working as a museum security guard I don’t have much to give but I always make sure that Tanya has a few dollars. 

New York the City of Dreams. May All of Tanya Dreams come true. 

Tanya from Montreal ~~ Canada


Today’s Forgiving Fridays: What is Really Important? 🙂


Here is more artwork from my 14th Street Union Square buddy Tanya from Montreal, Canada. One of the great things about working the evening/late shift is meeting subway artists who are displaying and selling their artworks on or around the subway station. Tanya is a lovely French Canadian young lady from Montreal. I’m always happy to see and talk with her. I try to give her a couple of dollars because I know how difficult life is for young people. She is a Blessing.