Fashion Institute of Technology aka F.I.T. Celebrates Chelsea


Adventures in WordPress Land!!

Just an aside but I finally figured out why I could not upload my FIT photos. I had used up all my space so I was forced to upgrade to a Pay Plan. Not wanted to be thwarted in ability to add photos to what is a Photography Blog I paid the Piper. Now I can continue to Dance to the Music!! LOL!!  After I paid here is something funny WordPress sent me.

Now if only these WordPress Happiness Engineers could help me with the rest of my life!! LOL!!

Enjoy priority support from our Happiness Engineers

Need help? A Happiness Engineer can answer questions about your site, your account or how to do just about anything.

One Mo’ Time!!

I did get more pictures inside this F.I.T. post than the previous two but I suppose these blog posts can only hold a certain amount of photos then the system begins to protest.

Therefore once again I am including a Link so you can see all of these Glorious FIT Chelsea photos:

Please Enjoy My Chelsea Afternoon!!


All Native New Yorkers have encountered these harried multiple dog walkers!!



Go For it Ms. Joni Mitchell!!

Joni Mitchell – Chelsea Morning (In Concert on BBC, 1970)