This Week’s Challenges: January 7 – 13 (OWPC and WW) | Tourmaline



This Week’s Challenges: January 7 – 13 (OWPC, WW & CYW)


One Word Photo Challenge


I do not have a photo of Gracie Mansion where the Mayor of New York and his family reside so these will have to do.


Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Office Building in Harlem








New York City had a snowstorm last Thursday.  Here are photos of how the area around my house looked.





Weekly Weather: Dry


This Week’s Challenges: December 3 – 9 (OWPC, WW)


Weekly Weather: Dry

This challenge is all about…you guessed it…the weather. Each Sunday, a new topic begins. Share an image, poem, quote, drawing, etc. of an actual weather event, something that you do during certain weather, how that weather makes you feel – it’s all up to you.

Weekly Weather: Dry