Weekly Weather: Winter



This Week’s Challenges: May 6 – 12 (OWPC, WW & CYW wrap up)

Weekly Weather: Winter












12 thoughts on “Weekly Weather: Winter

    1. Thanks! Same here. Spring finally showed up in New York at the end of April after numerous spring snow storms. So glad that winter is gone. Loving spring and looking forward to summer!

    2. Yes! Winter was extra long here in New York. It snowed on the first day of Spring and the day after Easter!! I thought the snow would never leave!! I’m really glad that Spring is here because that means my favorite season Summer is on the way! Hopefully one day I can move to a warmer climate like Florida, California or Hawaii where there is No winter!! That way I’d have an Excellent Retirement! Wonderful warm weather every day. No worries about slipping and falling. My arthritis and joint pain would be gone and I could be outside every day enjoying Nature!

    3. Thanks! Actually I should be able to retire either end of this year or early next year when I turn 60. However I do have family here in New York so maybe I’ll just hibernate for this wicked freezing NY winters! LOL!! 🙂 😀 At least during retirement I won’t have to tangle with the non-working subway system! Lol! 😀 🙂

    4. Sounds great! I would Love to travel at least withing the United States. At least by this time next year with all things going well I should be able to take short trips along the East Coast then onto the South and Southwest United States. Eventually I want to travel to Africa to visit the land of my ancestors! Exciting! Every day I envision a wonderful, happy, joyful, productive and creative Retirement! Have a Great Weekend!

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