Security of Blankets and Quilts




Blankets, Quilts and Comforters bring us not only warmth but security. My brother Stephen had his Security Blanket when he was a little boy just like the Peanuts character Linus in the comic strip. I’ve always provided baby blankets for my various cats over the last 25 odd years. They love snuggled in those blankets but usually they love snuggling next to me more so. When I was a little girl my paternal grandmother Eva Gordon Palmer made a quilt for me and I was secure in her love for me. Comforters give the comfort of warmth on a cold snowy night.  So on many levels and senses Blankets, Quilts and Comforters give a type of security because they were either made or given with Love.

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Apr 27, 2017


My brother Stephen is coming over to visit and for us to celebrate his 56th Birthday (hard to believe my baby brother is this old!) so this is where I will be camping out. The sofa is now a bed. Wish that it was a sofa bed but those things are expensive but I make do. This blanket is lightweight as now the New York weather has become warmer. Yesterday it was in the 80s. Today lower but still pleasant.  When Stephen was a little boy like the Peanuts character Linus he had a security blanket that had to go with him everywhere. As he grew older he grew out of his need for his security blanket.


This is my bedroom where Stephen will sleep. This is a nice warm comforter.


This is one of my cat Sylvester’s blankets which are really baby blankets but he is my baby. My fur baby. I unfolded it so you can see SpongeBob Squarepants in his full glory but I will fold it into quarters so that it will fit into the left hand corner of my bedroom closet where Sylvester sleeps while I’m at work or out running errands. When I get in the bed Sylvester jumps up to join me. When I fall asleep he cuddles up next to me. Sylvester does have another blanket put that blanket does not have a design or cartoon character like this one.


If you wish read a great short story with quilts as one of the focal points please read Everyday Use by Alice Walker.  Here is the Link:

Previously in a long past post I had discussed the Quilt my grandmother Eva Gordon Palmer made for me when I was a little girl. When I was a child a Quilt was something you used not an artwork to be hanging on a wall therefore I don’t have any photos of the quilt and it wore out long ago. However it lingers as memory in my mind.


Eva Sophronia Gordon Palmer -- Grandmother
Paternal Grandmother Eva Gordon Palmer


Quilts from a past Museum Art Exhibit