Float Like a Butterfly. Sting Like a Bee in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see the First Father’s day Boxing match in Bed Stuy Brooklyn.

I took lots of photos so it may take a while to post them all.

Highlights — Across from Restoration Plaza.

Some cardboard cutouts of famous American Boxers. Muhammad Ali along with his daughter Laila Ali who also had a career in Boxing.

Local Channel 12 Brooklyn News

The DJ Setting up.

Practice and Warm up

Our Day along 34th Street

My girlfriend took me out for a belated birthday lunch. My birthday is in February but winters in New York city are freezing cold and snow. Miserable. So I move my Birthday Celebration to Spring usually around June when it is warm and sunny like today. The weather is perfect filled with sunshine.

We went to TGH Fridays then off to Victoria Secret to purchase unmentionables.

We had fun talking and spending time together.

Here are some fabulous photos of our fantastic day!

No. We didn’t sample any of the weed flavored candy. But now you know why Shaggy and Scooby Doo always had the munchies for Scooby Snacks!