African Phoenix aka The Nubian Ninja

The African Phoenix aka The Nubian Ninja shall return to the Land of Her Ancestors. Cutting through the dense foliage She enters the Drumship knowing that her mission on earth is complete. Seated comfortably She adjusts Her Crown ready to be received by Her People.

Drumship Commence the Long Walk Home!

Arise Drumship! Arise!

Lakeside Fantastic Voyage

The enemy watches and waits.

Grinding its fang filled maw grunting.

She will return! The Nubian Ninja forgets that this world operates on phantom time.

She shall return. She shall return. Chirupped Phantasm Guidestone. Return from phantom time.

“For She is a Nomadic Woman by Nature. “

She will return. She will Land her Drumship among the Sacred Golden Stones. The African Phoenix shall return.


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