Sweet Silent Sunday




Sweet Silent Sunday


Coney Island Beach days in August


Memories of Summer 2018


During the last week of August specifically the last Wednesday and Thursday at the end of August I went to Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk when the temperature hit 100 degrees in New York City.  It was much cooler and more refreshing at Coney Island Brighton Beach.










This Week’s Challenges: November 5 – 11 


Travel theme: Warm




One Word Photo Challenge: Light 

Weekly Weather: Summer 

Warm Summer Light filled days at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Coney Island.


Travel theme: Warm







Lost in Translation





My Day at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY




Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY


I had a great day lounging on the beach, walking the Boardwalk and along the sandy beach. It was a gorgeous day.  Outstanding weather.

It has been close to 15 years since I last visited Coney Island and there have been lots of changes. The place is really built up with plenty of new shops, stores and restaurants. Much cleaner than in past years. Lots of improvements. Wow!

No. I don’t swim but I did stick my toes in the surf as you will see in the below video.  Me and roller-coasters are not friends so no getting on stomach turning rides. Next time I think I might try the Bumper Cars. I always Loved Bumper Cars. Fun. Nothing like a beautiful sunny day filled with Sun, sea, sand and surf!




Boardwalk View


Sunny Boardwalk View





MCU Park is where the Brooklyn Cyclones Minor League Baseball Team plays.