Pitkin Promenade

#Brooklyn   #Brownsville   Today’s Soulful Strut took me from Rockaway Avenue over to Pitkin Avenue and completing my promenade at Pennsylvania Avenue.  I Love Architecture.  I always wonder what old buildings once housed before new stores or people took them over. Buildings have a history and are always speaking to us if we only listen.  Brownsville ~~ My Village |   Pitkin Promenade.


Pitkin Avenue Mural Dreams

Greetings My Photography Fans. Yesterday some of you were unable to view the pictures I posted of my walk along Pitkin and Ralph Avenues in Brooklyn, New York. Today I am trying a different way to download and incorporate the snapshots into this post which I truly hope will be more successful and everyone will be able to enjoy my pictures. I also threw in some weird bird sculpture photos I took in Manhattan near 34th Street last March.  Here goes!!

Soulful Strut J Train Subway Line ~~ Brooklyn, New York


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#Brooklyn    #SoulfulStrut

Today’s Soulful Strut took me from Rockaway Avenue over to Broadway along where the J subway train runs over to Lexington which is just a couple of blocks beyond Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

So far today I’ve had a yogurt, banana, and am now having my steamed broccoli & cauliflower mix. While I was out for my Soulful Strut I stopped at the grocery store to buy some healthy food items. Purchased two Coconut Waters.  Walking exercise is a wonderful thing!