The Confrontation

Dog Meets Cat

Clementine vs Sylvester

Clementine wanted to make friends with Sylvester but Sylvester wasn’t having it!

When Sylvester began hissing for Clementine to get out of his room I had to separate the two.


4 thoughts on “The Confrontation

  1. ccbarr

    Aww poor pup. I once put boards across a door so cat could take a break and dog couldn’t get in. In about 2 weeks cat was showing dog how to kill&eat bugs and playing chase.Year later dog watched over cat’s kittens.

    1. Actually Clementine is my next door neighbors dog. We are having a cookout so naturally Clementine had to explore the upstairs.
      Sylvester being 14 years old is not amused by an 18 Month old pup.

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