Macy’s Holiday Windows

Macy’s Holiday Windows. Christmas. An Elf with Soul.

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Macy’s Holiday Windows

I had to make a quick trip into the City for an errand. Since I had to pass by Macy’s to get to my destination I stopped to take a few photos of the Holiday Windows. It was a madhouse over there so I skipped the Windows with the Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus display. Macy’s puts that one every year.

This year Santa Claus has been projected into the future and the Reindeer have been replaced by a Super sonic sled. Rudolph was downsized! Lots of Snowmen in space suits!

No I don’t go inside Macy’s. Way too many People. Crowds make me nervous.

For me that’s an instant anxiety panic attacks. I don’t attend Holiday parties either.

I prefer Silent Nights and Days.

However the Store Windows are Cool.

Took this picture in Penn Station. First time I ever saw a…

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Tears at The Oasis

Tears at The Oasis

This painting is dedicated to the Mother of a 15 year old Son who has Autism. I wrote about our laundromat encounter on my writing Blog.

May this painting bring hope, comfort and encouragement to All Caregivers for family members who are special Needs or who developmental disabilities.

Here’s the Link to the companion Post.

Pause for Thoughts

Trees Crying at The Oasis

For in Seeking Refuge They Find None

Tears Overflowing into Rivers of Sorrow

Abandoned….Left to fend for themselves

We Carry Our Loves, Each One Alone

While Others Cheer Far off in The Distance