This Week’s Challenges: Weekly Weather: Autumn/Fall

Central Park Fall Foliage 

I included some Pumpkin pictures from October 2016. The pumpkin pictures were taken in Manhattan near 34th street Penn station. 


11 thoughts on “This Week’s Challenges: Weekly Weather: Autumn/Fall 

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I read some of your blog and Canada does have some brutal winters. Usually the Autumn temperature in New York city hovers around ten 50s. For two days it dipped in the 20s. Fortunately I’ve been off work so I basically stayed home wrapped up. Personally I don’t like cold weather. Cold freezing temperatures are bad for my hair and skin. I also have arthritis so cold makes my joints lock up.
      Soon I will be able to retire and am considering moving to a warmer climate like Georgia.

      1. I too hate the cold, before I was born my Mom moved from the Caribbean where she had grown up to Canada and I think I have her tropical blood running through my veins! I do love fall very much though and wish it would have lasted a little longer this year!

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