Georgia O’Keefe at the Brooklyn Museum


Georgia O’Keefe at the Brooklyn Museum

Finally got back over to the Georgia O’Keefe special exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum today. Still crowded but not as bad as last Sunday. Stephen and I went to see the exhibit on Sunday and you could barely get through for the number of visitors. Sunday the exhibit was literally jammed packed with people!!

I’ve always admired the work of Georgia O’Keefe and would study her paintings in depth and detail whenever I was posted in the modern art section of the Main building. I never lost my fascination for her artworks, her simplicity and style as a working woman artist.

 For me she over shadows any of the shallow and superficial females held up by the media and society as being ideal. Ms. O’Keefe used her brain, talents and gifts to cement her place in history/HerStory and she should be considered a role model for young women not the sexpot actresses, singers & entertainers currently paraded before our TV and Movie screens.

 This time I was able to take some photos. As you can see Ms. O’Keefe posed for many photos. I like the fact that she kept her own last name instead of taking her husband’s last name, she was plain spoken, had simple utilitarian clothing that allowed her to paint, she was not caught up in fashion, and she aged. Naturally. Without shame or pretense.

No botox. No plastic surgery. For me she became even more beautiful as she aged. Stately and Majestic!! Georgian O’Keefe was married for 22 years and moved to the Southwest after his death. Ms. O’Keefe and her husband did not have children. She lived to be 99 years old. The sad thing is that towards the end of her life she went blind and could no longer create art.

If you want to see great artistic work of value and substance I highly recommend this show.  Some of my photos did not come out too great so I’ve included these links so you can get better images.


 In this photo Ms. O’Keefe looks like a Vermeer painting.



4 thoughts on “Georgia O’Keefe at the Brooklyn Museum

  1. Wonderful spotlight on the exhibit for Georgia O’Keefe! I like that you even included the placards so that we could learn about the photographers and situations in which some of the photos were taken. Were you there most of the day? WOW she lived to be 99 xx

    1. I only stayed maybe 2 hours because I don’t like crowds. I know living in NYC I should be used to crowds but I try to avoid being in places with too many people. Anyway the exhibit is fantastic & fabulous and I will brave my discomfort to return again. Thanks for your feedback.

      1. Perhaps there are hours when it is less crowded? Or smaller museums you could attend instead? Yes, I enjoyed your two posts so much yesterday 🙂

  2. Well Ms. Christy, I’ve worked for a museum for 9 years and seen crowds much larger than at the Brooklyn Museum but one does not get to see the artwork that well when you must compete with a plague of human locusts. As a Museum employee I can get into almost any museum in New York City for FREE!! I think I’ve visited almost every museum in the city.

    So I will return to the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit when the hoopla dies down.

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