A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands



A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands



Willie and the Hand Jive–Johnny Otis


Hand Jive DeBorah Style


Iko, Iko – the Dixie Cups



Georgia O’Keefe at the Brooklyn Museum


Georgia O’Keefe at the Brooklyn Museum

Finally got back over to the Georgia O’Keefe special exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum today. Still crowded but not as bad as last Sunday. Stephen and I went to see the exhibit on Sunday and you could barely get through for the number of visitors. Sunday the exhibit was literally jammed packed with people!!

I’ve always admired the work of Georgia O’Keefe and would study her paintings in depth and detail whenever I was posted in the modern art section of the Main building. I never lost my fascination for her artworks, her simplicity and style as a working woman artist.

 For me she over shadows any of the shallow and superficial females held up by the media and society as being ideal. Ms. O’Keefe used her brain, talents and gifts to cement her place in history/HerStory and she should be considered a role model for young women not the sexpot actresses, singers & entertainers currently paraded before our TV and Movie screens.

 This time I was able to take some photos. As you can see Ms. O’Keefe posed for many photos. I like the fact that she kept her own last name instead of taking her husband’s last name, she was plain spoken, had simple utilitarian clothing that allowed her to paint, she was not caught up in fashion, and she aged. Naturally. Without shame or pretense.

No botox. No plastic surgery. For me she became even more beautiful as she aged. Stately and Majestic!! Georgian O’Keefe was married for 22 years and moved to the Southwest after his death. Ms. O’Keefe and her husband did not have children. She lived to be 99 years old. The sad thing is that towards the end of her life she went blind and could no longer create art.

If you want to see great artistic work of value and substance I highly recommend this show.  Some of my photos did not come out too great so I’ve included these links so you can get better images.




 In this photo Ms. O’Keefe looks like a Vermeer painting.



Brooklyn Botanic Garden Mild Winter Day



Sunday Trees – 278


Today I went to see the Georgia O’Keefe special exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum then I went next door to another one of my favorite Happy Places the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It is one of those rare mild winter days as we edge towards spring and along with some other hardy Brooklynites I took in the bare stark beauty of this beautiful day.  I will talk about the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit in a future post.

Here are some Trail Talks narrated by yours truly The Roaming Urban Gypsy.  Enjoy. Please excuse my voice and quality of the videos I’m still Learning.  My pronunciation of the Latin names for these plants is awful and once I began editing the videos I realized that I kept using the word Botanical as opposed to Botanic. Actually the Queens gardens is name the Queens Botanical Gardens. Eventually perhaps in the Merry Merry Month of May which is my next vacation time.

Thank you!!


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Part 1 One


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Part 2


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Part 3


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Part 4