First Snow of Winter 

Below is the first snowfall of Winter here in Brooklyn, New York city. The snow has made our backyard look very picturesque. Nice. 

As for the front sidewalks especially those of neighbors and business owners well they are one gigantic icy mess. I will be ice skating to work. 


4 thoughts on “First Snow of Winter 

    1. Many of the store owners and churches don’t shovel or put down salt or deicer.
      Many of my colleagues have fallen broken bones and serious head injuries. I know one coworker who can’t raise her arms above her head.
      There’s nothing romantic about broken bones.

      1. That’s sad. In some Chicago villages shoveling & dwicing is required. One of the first things I admired about our rural community is how we plow and shovel our neighbors’ drives when they can’t get to it.

      2. The City of New York needs to start fining homeowners, stores and any buildings that don’t shovel and remove ice. New York city needs to hire all the unemployed to do the work. But then again the City owns many of the abandoned buildings so they’d be suing themselves.

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