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Throwback Thursday

Stephen and I are miracles for and from our parents Edward and Mable Palmer!!


1959 and 1961 were both miraculous years for our Mom and Dad as they produced me and my brother Stephen respectively.  I know that they are both smiling down upon us from Heaven still Thanking God for the Blessings we were and currently still are.

The below photos was taken Christmas 1961 when we lived in the Bronx. The professional photographer came to our house. I was two and Stephen was 6 months old.  Even though I was only two I still remember the photographer giving me instructions on how I should pose and to prop Stephen up because he was a roly poly baby with a bit of a challenge remaining upright! Check out the corny matching outfits! LOL!


DeBorah & Stephen 1961
Me and Baby Brother December 1961






Things that make you go Hmmm..

Since when did Nassau county become Nassau country? Why didn’t anyone inform me that Nassau county had formed its own country inside New York State?

Do the Map designers have some  inside scoop?

This has been another WTF Moment brought to you by stupidity.  Plus Dumb and dumber. 


2017 Favorites | The Daily Post


My brother Stephen Palmer is my world and the Most Amazing Awesome Autism Guy in the world. 

I purchased a book about the artist Basquiat called Radiant Child. Stephen enjoys the artwork of Basquiat. The book is one of his Christmas gifts.

My brother Stephen is a Blessing and a Radiant Being. He is the Best of 2017.

Autism Radiance