Expressions of Love……<3



Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Results of My 7 Day “Quiet My Mind” Retreat!

Expressions of Love……<3

Love and Happiness







10 thoughts on “Expressions of Love……<3

  1. Oh my God, DeBorah. This is beautiful. I almost started crying. What amazing expressions of self-love. I am so honored to share this for Forgiving Fridays tomorrow. Love and blessings,
    Debbie 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. bjsscribbles

    Great pictures, life in America is so different to here. Sometimes I think I would love to see it, then you see all the news and think, “Nah it’s safer to stay home”. Sometimes there is enough strife here.

      1. bjsscribbles

        On the news hear even some Australians are having trouble getting into America. Sunday morning hear we turn on the news and there was a terrorist scare in Sydney. They foiled it before it got of the ground.

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