1:18 Scale

Jennifer’s amazing dioramas and vignettes using toys!! Please check out her Blog!! She is doing excellent work!!

Jennifer Nichole Wells


Some of you may remember my first ever MMM post all about Pose Skeletons.

background skelly

Well this is sort of a follow up to that post. Pose skeleton is a 1:18 scale ball jointed miniature skeleton. Currently you can get  adult models, a child, a cat and a dog. In my initial post I discussed places to get dollhouse like accessories for your pose skeleton. However, there’s a whole huge world of 1:18 scale I didn’t discuss. And now, just over a year later I think it’s about time.


Welcome to the world of action figures in 1:18 scale. In this scale figures range from 3 to 4 inches tall (most figures are 3.75 in.). You may be most familiar with this scale from the small G.I. Joe Action figures (http://www.yojoe.com/action/). However, this is also a popular scale for Star Wars, Aliens, Lost Planet, The Walking Dead, etc…

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