1:18 Scale

Jennifer’s amazing dioramas and vignettes using toys!! Please check out her Blog!! She is doing excellent work!!

Tourmaline .


Some of you may remember my first ever MMM post all about Pose Skeletons.

background skelly

Well this is sort of a follow up to that post. Pose skeleton is a 1:18 scale ball jointed miniature skeleton. Currently you can get  adult models, a child, a cat and a dog. In my initial post I discussed places to get dollhouse like accessories for your pose skeleton. However, there’s a whole huge world of 1:18 scale I didn’t discuss. And now, just over a year later I think it’s about time.


Welcome to the world of action figures in 1:18 scale. In this scale figures range from 3 to 4 inches tall (most figures are 3.75 in.). You may be most familiar with this scale from the small G.I. Joe Action figures (http://www.yojoe.com/action/). However, this is also a popular scale for Star Wars, Aliens, Lost Planet, The Walking Dead, etc…

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