2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Museum Trekking

  1. It’s good that you are getting in so many steps. Having a fitness tracker helps to be more mindful of how impactful a leisurely stroll can have on our health.

    Does Stephen get some steps in also?

    1. Yes. The Samsung Fitness App is an incentive.

      Stephen and I don’t Live together. So I have no idea what the House or his Day Program does in the way of exercise. I Live in Brooklyn and Stephen lives in a part of Queens not served by bus or subway system. I had to stop driving years ago due to retina problems and now I have cataracts. Also I have no one to drive me to his residence. I depend on the Residence to see him. Meaning that we only see each other a few times a Year.

      Unfortunately my Fitness program will not help improve my eyesight and one day I will no longer be able to execute my Caregiver duties. At my age I really need someone to help take care of me.

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