Princess Ginger Pup

Princess Ginger Pup and The Gingerbread Chew Toy


Happy Caturday Saturday to All! The Belle of Brownsville, Brooklyn aka Clementine has been trying to steal my thunder! Check out all the Neat toys that Clementine got for Dogmas! All I got for Catmas so far is this sorry Orange squeak mouse! This is beneath my refined sophisticated Tuxedo kitty dignity. Think of all the real Live mouses I caught this year and this is my reward! As the Guardian of this house I deserve better. Now Hooman open up my can of Fancy Feast!

It’s bad enough that I have to share my delicious Fancy Feast and crunchy food with that Backyard interloper, Scruffy the Backyard Tuffy. Being the Royal Meowjesty of Brownsville, Brooklyn I better get two cans of Fancy Feast on the official Catmas Day!



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