Tears at The Oasis

Tears at The Oasis

This painting is dedicated to the Mother of a 15 year old Son who has Autism. I wrote about our laundromat encounter on my writing Blog.

May this painting bring hope, comfort and encouragement to All Caregivers for family members who are special Needs or who developmental disabilities.

Here’s the Link to the companion Post.

Pause for Thoughts

Trees Crying at The Oasis

For in Seeking Refuge They Find None

Tears Overflowing into Rivers of Sorrow

Abandoned….Left to fend for themselves

We Carry Our Loves, Each One Alone

While Others Cheer Far off in The Distance


4 thoughts on “Tears at The Oasis

    1. I know exactly what She meant. My brother Stephen has Autism and as time passes there’s less and less I’m able to do. I neglected my own health and now I’m paying for it. Caregivers don’t get the care or attention they need.

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