RDP Tuesday: WALK


RDP Tuesday: Walk

Brooklyn Botanic Garden- August 2016

Famous People Born or raised in Brooklyn

This is only a small selection of the names. I took many photos of the celebrity names along the walkway back in August 2016. Fortunately my brother Stephen is very patient and Loves the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as much as I do.


9 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: WALK

      1. Some of my favorite quiet times were spent in Chicago Botanical Gardens. I imagine the gardens are beginning to glimmer and sparkle. Frozen fog here last week was a new, very sparkly experience for me. Feel the blessings!

      2. Winter and cold are not my friends. Cold weather aggravates the arthritis and I’m fighting a cold weather rash that spreads over my entire body even my face. The itchy peeling skin is making me look like an alligator.

      3. I slather on lotion, oils, and shea butter. I also try to limit my time outdoors in below freezing temperatures. Benadryl also helps because the rash and itching gets so bad it’s like my skin is on fire. I pray for an early spring.

      4. I imagine you’ve discovered Benadryl gel? Its a winter staple for me as my body has a hard time tolerating diphrenhydromine. Even transdermally it makes me a bit slow, but that’s not always a bad thing. 😉

    1. I have not tried Benadryl Gel but I will look into that option. I only use the Benadryl at Night so I can get some sleep. Otherwise I don’t use it during the day unless I am able to nap. Many times taking a warm shower or bath helps. The warm water eases the itchy skin and relaxes my system.

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