Ragtag Tuesday: Past


Ragtag Daily Prompt: Past

Museums are time capsules to the Past


11 thoughts on “Ragtag Tuesday: Past

    1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is 4 city blocks long. That’s a quarter of a mile. A lot of walking. Don’t go on the weekends and definitely do not go between Christmas and Three Kings Day. It’s extremely crowded and you will not be able to view the artwork. Plan your visit carefully.

    1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is open from 10:00am to 5:15 PM Sunday to Thursday. Open from 10:00am to 8:45 PM Friday and Saturday. Get there early as possible. Have an idea of what you want to see well beforehand. Get the Museum maps at the Visitor Services desks. They are also Information Desks throughout the Museum. The Metropolitan Museum Tours are Free. Don’t be taken in by Tours where you pay money for misinformation. Smart visitors are happy visitors.

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