Flowers of the Day


Flowers of the Day

Backyard Garden Flowers








Flowery Reflections from a Manhattan Flower Shop





13 thoughts on “Flowers of the Day

    1. I’m glad that you know those are Marigolds. I was never good at guessing names of flowers unless the were roses or tulips. December the cold winter will be here and by January our backyard will be covered in snow. Ugh! At least the weather is holding up pretty well except for some rain.

      1. I liked marigolds as a child mostly because of hearing the Perry Como song Inch Worm on the radio. I plant them between some ofvthe vegetables to repel some insects – and because I like them. Sending warm thoughts and prayers.

    2. I remember Perry Como. I believe that he had a TV Show. Never knew that Marigolds were bug repellents. They are a pretty type of flower. No veggies in our garden but there are several community gardens one right near our house. You can buy freshly grown veggies there at least until November when everything begins to freeze. Thanks.

  1. Yes, there was a Perry Como show back in the day when we had either antennae on the roof or rabbit ears indoors to receive it, Dinah Shore, and Red Skelton on the 3 tv stations. I also liked Palladin and Howdy Doody :D. The marigolds are still blooming here this week, but they’ll dry up soon since they shut off the irrigation this week. Temps are dropping enough to freeze some plants at night but we still have warm, sunny afternoons in the hi 70s – this week. That’ll change soon. ❤

    1. Yes I remember those old fashioned TVs. My parents had an old Black & White RCA Magnavox with the big vacuum tube in the back. Mom & Dad did not get a color TV until I was grown and in the Army. Red Skelton was funny especially as the bad little kid. Something to which I could relate. I’ve heard of Palladin (Have gun will travel) and Howdy Doody I did not watch those TV shows. My favorites were Gunsmoke and Bonanza. I also liked Soupy Sales, Shari Lewis & Lambchop, Woody Woodpecker and Buggs Bunny. I Like the Ed Sullivan show only for that little mouse Topo Gigo. New York temps are in the 40s and 50s. Jacket weather.

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