Flower of the Day



Flower of the Day





6 thoughts on “Flower of the Day

    1. Thanks. I have no idea what it is called but it was in our backyard so I took the photo. I’ve never seen it before so this was my golden opportunity to capture this pretty flower in a picture.

      Yes Glasses are good. Since I retired in August I rarely wear mine. Unless I go into the city I don’t bother to put them on. After living in this neighborhood for six years I pretty much know where everything is located. I did bring sunglasses to Coney Island beach in August to cut the glare.

      1. Interesting that you mentioned that, Deborah. I’ve been lately thinking I like life on a need to see basis. => It looks like hibiscus, but hibiscus is a tropical flower. Who knows? God does Miracles with the most interesting elements in his creation.

    2. Well it could be a miracle flower because it wasn’t there last year that I can recall. Seems like it popped out of nowhere because I go into the backyard on a daily basis. Perhaps I will ask my Housemate. He takes care of the backyard garden flowers, plants and decorations. I just take pictures. LOL!

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