Brooklyn Public Library

Library Time!

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Brooklyn Public Library

Saratoga Branch

I have been living in Brooklyn for about six years. Today for the first time I paid a visit to one of the smaller branch libraries ~~ The Saratoga Branch just off Macon Street. Actually it was the first time that I went to any Brooklyn Library Branch but now that I’m retired No more time restraints.  I can visit as many Library branches as a I wish.

A bit of a walk but worth it. Basically I went to print a document. I was not successful however it is a nice library.  Very up to date and modern.  Air Conditioned.  I definitely will return to explore this branch in depth. Questioning the Librarian about different services I inquired as to whether I could used either my Manhattan or Queens Library cards.  Nope.  So presently my Drivers License ID, she made a new card for…

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