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Which Way Photography Challenge


4 thoughts on “Which Way Challenge: New Host | sonofabeach96

  1. Great photos. I was just there in July – it is nice to see it again – a little less crowded than when we were last there. There’s a quality to the light / exposure that makes it especially nostalgic as well.

    1. Thanks. I live in Brooklyn so it’s about an hour ride by subway. I get up Early and usually get there around 8:30 am. Also I go in the middle of the week and never on the weekends. Less people especially early in the morning. It was a great experience.

      1. Lovely! The first time we went to Coney Island was when my son and I visited in 2012 and we stayed in Brighton Beach and were able to go relatively early on a somewhat cloudy day and it was lovely and peaceful. Still, I like it on busy days also – it just has a completely different feel.

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