Happy Caturday Saturday




Ragtag Daily Prompt


Happy Caturday Saturday featuring the Local Garden Cat my Housemate Marc has named Patrick.


Since Patrick is a girl I will call Her Pat for short. She appears to be a kitten maybe around six months of age, well kept so I imagine that Pat belongs to one of our neighbors.


Say Hello to Pat the Garden Cat.




Shhh….. Sylvester knows nothing about the Pat the Garden Cat whom he would consider an interloper and invader.

My Housemate Marc’s brother Mike is visiting from California.  Those are his feet that you see in the photos.




Now you all know that I can’t let this Caturday Saturday pass without featuring my 13 year old FurBaby aka Sylvester the Talented Tuxedo.  What is Sylvester’s talent you may ask?  Sleeping.  World Champion Sleeper! Sylvester gets the Gold Medal in the Sleeping Olympics!






13 thoughts on “Happy Caturday Saturday

  1. ccbarr

    When I was a kid the neighbors had an eldest son named:Katsutoshi-katsu or kat for short. Thought itcwould be a great name for a cat…but forgot it everytime a cat needed naming.

      1. ccbarr

        Told my son to name our cat wqhen he was little. The tuxedo cat he named Baby(he was young) and the beauty we have now-aa russian blue,he named Kitten. Tried to rename her. No go. Kitten likes her name

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