A Leap Forward in Every Direction

Painting, Prose & Poetry!!

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit


A Leap Forward in Every Direction


When I was young I was Tender-headed and Tenderhearted. I swam through sands of time to get to the beach front ocean shores. I swam through rocks, grains, granules and grit to get to my Destiny.

Carbon Dating

The Smell of freshly washed Dappled spring skin. Skin Dappled by the Sun, sand, sea and ocean waves. Waves crashing onto rocky shores.

Scintillating Sunkist spring summer skin. Tidal surf ebb and flow into each curve and crevice.

Skin. Warm. Soft to the touch. Beach granules loofah resting ocean bodies. Oceans Lapping over Femscapes and Manscapes.

Convergence and Chaos

Ocean Sea Goddess Rages Forward. Crippled and Hobbled by the Elements. Pinned to Exultation.

Thus begins the Mating Ritual. Three revolutions then Spin Centrifuge. Head to head. Nose to Nose. Body to Body.

Skinscapes. Dappled Horses prancing within dappled Orchards. Beads of Sweat mixing with Sea…

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