Stephen and I Won the Black Panther Prize Pack!!

This was Stephen’s winning Black Panther pose back in Feb. that enabled us to win the Prize Pack! The B.A.M. Black Panther Prize pack comes right on time for Stephen’s 57th Birthday on May 3rd!! My brother Stephen is an Amazing Awesome Autism Guy!! Wakanda Forever!!

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Stephen and I Won the B.A.M. (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Black Panther Movie Prize Pack!!

Good News! (Drum Roll please) Tada!

Stephen and I won the Black Panther prize pack from BAM!  [Brooklyn Academy of Music]   Happy Dance!!

I entered Stephen’s picture via Instagram and we were chosen!!  Yessss!!!

Remember those wonderful photos that Stephen posed for back in Feb at The Black Panther BAM movie premiere? Well Stephen had the Winning Black Panther pose!! An Autism Guy! How Grand! I will be posting photos of the BAM Black Panther Prize pack.


Stephen’s Winning Pose!


Wakanda Forever!!

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