Rending the Celluloid Curtain to See God



Piercing The Celluloid Cloud to See God

Rending the Celluloid Curtain to See God


God Lives in the Creativity of His People


Garden of My Green Valley Goddess





Glitter Soulful Strut



This is a Family Collage I did back in 2012

Ancestor Branches


Mommy & Daddy



Next Art Project ~~ Mi Abuelas  ~~  My Grandmothers

On the Vision Planning Board







Contents of my paternal Grandmother Eva Sophronia Gordon Palmer Musical Sewing Box.  The Sewing box plays “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.  Baby Boomers will recognize Passbook Savings Accounts.  I still remember my first Savings Account, going to the bank and getting my Passbook updated.  My parents met and married in  Dayton, Ohio in December 1955.  Later they moved to Harlem, New York and lived with my paternal Grandparents.  Then they moved to the Bronx where my brother Stephen and I were born.  Sometime around 1962 or 1963 my parents purchased a home in St. Albans, Queens, New York where Stephen and I grew up.










2 thoughts on “Rending the Celluloid Curtain to See God

    1. Thanks my paternal Grandmother Eva Gordon Palmer was married in January 1919. She died when I was a little girl around the early 1960s. I don’t know whether she had the musical sewing box before she got married or my grandfather gave it to her while they were married. It plays the tune Let Me Call You Sweetheart. After my Dad died I inherited the sewing box. I like to wind it up to hear the tune and just look through the items within. Comforting.

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