Artist’s Labyrinthine Mind Maze

Enter the Labyrinthine world of an artist’s mind composed of paintings, illustrations, poems, photography and selected songs



My latest artistic endeavors.  The Blue one is basically finished however the Orange one is still a work in progress.  Waiting for more photos to complete the Orange Collage.  I normally like to use Black or a Dark Blue but I ran out of those colors.



Kinetic and Eclectic


Progressive Evolution Journey Transformation





Progressive Evolution




Kinetic and Eclectic Evolution

















Dinah Washington – This Bitter Earth


4 thoughts on “Artist’s Labyrinthine Mind Maze

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  2. Oh DeBorah, WOW! This is an incredibly courageous collection of art. I love your collages. To me, creativity is such an opening for forgiveness. Thank you for sharing your joy, your open heart, and the lovely gift of YOU!

    I also wanted to let you know that I’m likely taking a bit of a break from blogging. Need to have some time and inspire my creative artist inside, if that makes sense to you. Be in touch! I love you a lot, DeB. Thanks for this amazing contribution for #ForgivingFridays —- will share it tomorrow!

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