Gallery Sitting



Gallery Sitting


Yesterday I volunteered as a Gallery Sitter for the Museum Union Art Show located at El Barrio Artspace PS 109, 215 East 99th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.  The show features 90 Artworks by Museum Union Members and continues until March 21st.  I am honored, proud, and elated to be a part of such gifted, talented hardworking group of Union Members.  We Stand United in strength as Union members sharing our creativity with the world.

During the Three  3  hours I was there I took the opportunity to take more photos of the Union Art Show and as I left the building I took photos of the building which used to be a school and is now an artists residence, creative art space with galleries and offices.

Because of the turrets, gargoyles and other architectural elements the building is often described as a Castle.  It was also an excellent opportunity to speak with visitors to the show.  If you live in New York City please take the opportunity to stop by.  I also took photos of the surrounding neighborhood which I will share in the next post.



My Mixed Media Photo Collage
My Mixed Media Photo Collage
My Mixed Media Photo Collage


6 thoughts on “Gallery Sitting

    1. Thanks! As a Gallery Sitter for the exhibition I answer questions and make sure that the artworks don’t get damaged. Should visitors have inquiries about the artworks or the artists I answered their inquiries and/or took down their information for anything that I did not know. During my time gallery sitting I was also responsible for protecting all the artworks. It was fun. Hopefully there will be another Union Art Show next year 2019.

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