The Black Panther and Wakanda Live

The Black Panther and Wakanda Live!



8 thoughts on “The Black Panther and Wakanda Live

  1. I loved the movie. For once black people were portrayed as heroes and heroins and not the usual drug dealer or prop to enhance the white person’s presence as in most movies.

    1. Yes! Amen SiStar! At the end of the movie every Black person in the audience stood up and cheering. The Film received a standing ovation! Black people as Rulers of Kingdoms, Queens, Kings, Power and Authority. I wrote more about this topic on my writing blog where I go into more detail. Thanks for visiting!

      1. Thanks for your support. I wrote another blog post today based on the line in the movie where the sister says to the white American spy, Yes Colonizer. Since 45 and many white people rant about illegal immigrants I flipped the script. Wrote this blog post this morning.

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