My Beauty Transformation 



My Beauty Transformation 


Haircut by Mel the Barber 



Self care 

Took a Bubble bath in which I added Coconut milk. One can directly into my bath water and the other can I poured onto my hair.  After my bath I applied Coconut oil to my hair. 

Love your Hair, Love Yourself. 

Out of the tub and my curls are popping!



Fridays are Refresh the Hair Color Day.  I always make sure I deep condition my hair on the weekends.  I Treat My Afro Hair with Love and it Loves me back!




10 thoughts on “My Beauty Transformation 

      1. Oh wow. And you don’t even look 59. Happy Birthday in advance just incase I miss it next month. Sure, pampering oneself does more good to body. You’re blessed. 👍👌❤

  1. DeB, you look amazing. You are amazing!! I so appreciate your emphasis on self-care and nurturing. To me, this is a foundation for forgiving, accepting and loving ourselves. ❤ Thank you for demonstrating it with these FUN and beautiful pictures…. So honored for your contribution to Forgiving Fridays – I'll share it in this week's post!! Love you, Debbie

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