First New York City Snowstorm of 2018


First Snowstorm of 2018 ~~ New York City


As you can see from my photos it snows inside the subways including the platforms.

The other photos were taken in the backyard and in front of the house.


6 thoughts on “First New York City Snowstorm of 2018

    1. Thanks! Happy New Year to you also! Fortunately yesterday I arrived home safely at 10:00 am after completing a double shift. Pretty much I’ve stayed inside my house except for quick trips to the coffee shop across the street. I am nice and toasty inside. Just ordered food via Grub Hub. Praise the Lord for Delivery!! LOL!!

    1. Yes and No. Being that New York is in the Northeast part of America we all know that it is going to snow and snow heavy between late December and early April. The Governor and Mayor work together to make sure that New Yorkers have the proper information and travel warnings. Most people stock up on food, groceries, paper products and other supplies well ahead of time. If your neighbor is elderly or disabled you shovel the snow for them and make sure that they are okay. Business, schools and churches plus other Houses of Worship will close. In the event of a really bad Blizzard even the subways and buses will shut down. So I would say that New York is fairly organized concerning snow because we cannot avoid it.

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