Apple iPhone X

There’s a Line for Apple iPhone X at the Apple store across from my job.

Some are sitting in chairs waiting for the clock to strike Midnight. 

Hickory Dickory. Doc. The mouse ran across the street with his Platinum credit card to be the first on block to own the Apple iPhone…

Until they get on the subway train and it gets stolen. 


13 thoughts on “Apple iPhone X

  1. that’ll make Apple happy. Me? I hate lines. If I can’t just walk in and get something, I won’t get it. I’ll wait until the furor dies down — months and months later when it goes on a deep discounted sale preferably.

    1. Amen to that! LOL! As for me I will stick with my Samsung galaxy 7.
      They were camped out in front of the store. For $1200 that iPhone X better cook my food, clean my house and buy groceries! 😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆😉😊😎🤓🤗😇

      1. Laughing, if it cooked and cleaned that line would be a whole lot longer — even I would be there — with a tent!!! And my phones generally last for a few years so that would be an amazing deal!

  2. oooh, instant teleport! Beam me aboard, Scotty, lol! That would be awesome if there was an app like that. And here I thought the old sci fi shows were carrying around communicators when actually it was cellphones!

  3. It’s madness! I saw a youtuber who interviewed some of the people standing in line in the New York Apple store. many of them said they were resellers (probably wanted to sell it at a higher price point elsewhere. I’m not even sure what they do)

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