More Halloween Fanfare & Decorations




More Halloween Fanfare










9 thoughts on “More Halloween Fanfare & Decorations

      1. Very true. It’s so much fun watching everyone dress up and unleash their creativity. I grew up in India and although we don’t celebrate Halloween there, I had read about it in novels as well as seen it on TV and was always fascinated by it 💕

      2. Yes it is incredible. Also learning from YouTube. Many Black Women are using Ayervedic Indian hair oils. I see many African American hair bloggers using and promoting Indian oils. Different cultures can learn from each other and share products.

      3. Oh I didn’t know that. Ayurvedic oils are said to have great benefits (even my mom loves some of their hair oils as well as well as uses certain oils for her backache) That is indeed amazing how we can learn from each other and use things that can benefit us.

      4. Omg all three you mentioned are considered to be have really beneficial properties. I sometimes use Henna on my hair as it’s said to nourish the hair. I’m looking forward to your post 💕haha and don’t worry about the pronunciations. some words can indeed be difficult 😄

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